NA Partial Capture Outage (Web & Mobile)
Incident Report for FullStory
On January 31 between approximately 5:55 PM EST to 6:40 PM EST, FullStory engineering observed a rise in errors related to session capture. During that time period, a cloud workload impacted the ability to correctly capture new sessions. This issue affected the North America data center, which applies to Org IDs *not* ending in eu1.

Due to natural fluctuations in traffic and the possibility that some orgs were more affected than others, it is difficult to exactly state the capture impact to an individual Org. That said, the following generalizations apply:
- Sessions that started before 5:55 PM EST would likely have had their captured events delayed during and shortly after the issue period.
- New web and mobile sessions starting after 5:55 PM EST may not have been captured.
- Events sent to FullStory using the Server API would have likely received HTTP error responses and failed to have been associated with a corresponding session.
- From 6:15 PM EST to 6:40 PM EST, the number of new sessions that failed to be captured was approximately half the number from 5:55 PM EST to 6:15 PM EST (i.e. capture rate improved during this time).

If you have any questions regarding this incident, please reach out to
Posted Jan 31, 2024 - 18:00 EST